On the Road Again…

Drove 8 hours today thru some of the most beautiful country in the country.  It was raining when I left Michael’s in Eugene but quit soon and I had dry roads and blue skies!  Trying to go around California so I came around the backside of Mt. Shasta and then on to the high desert country.  Clear and cold in that country from Susanville, south to Reno.  Beautiful snow in the woods and on the mountains but NOT on the roads.  Doesn’t get much better than this unless my sweetheart had been with me.. and she was -embedded in my heart and mind.

I was just thanking our Lord for her as I drove. The Lord gave me real grace… and great joy in realizing that I fulfilled my promise to her and she did to me.  Those promises that we made in front of the preacher and congregation on June 30, 1962.  We were faithful to each other and to our vows "til death do us part".  And that does give great satisfaction and joy in knowing that we finished our marriage well… too soon, but well.  God is GOOD.

I’m going south but don’t know how far I’ll get before I turn east.  Probably before I get into Mexico Smile  No deadlines until January 31 when I’ll meet Kristie in Orlando!

On my way REJOICING in my Lord and looking for opportunities to be a blessing.

One thought on “On the Road Again…

  1. Hi Dun,

    Was wondering if your travels south come as far as Tucson, AZ? A visit from you would be welcome, but I suppose you are heading for home by now. Arvalee

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