What Kind of Name is Dun?

As long as I can remember, folks have had a difficult time believing my name is really “Dun”.  Most folks tried to call me “Don” or “Dan”.  Pennsylvania folks even thought that Harriet had such a strong southern accent, she was trying to say “John”.  Almost everyone adds and extra “n” to make it “Dunn.”  A waste of a good letter.  The only other person I’ve heard called by my name was a bad guy in a Louis L’amour western.  His name was Duncan and L’amour called him “Dun”. 

Which leads me to the next question folks ask when they realize that is my real name: “What is that short for?”  But I won’t go into the various, sometime not-so-flattering suggestions. 

Daddy was named for Grandma’s favorite aunt Julia Ann Dunaway.  Julian Dunaway Gordy.  And I got tagged with “Jr.”  We then named our son Michael Dunaway and he named our GRANDson Nathaniel Dunaway. 

So there you have it.  Four generations of “Dunaway Gordy’s”.  And here are three of us.  We were together at Michael and Nathaniel’s in Springfield, Oregon for Christmas.



One thought on “What Kind of Name is Dun?

  1. Hi Dun:I’m sitting here at the computer & was just browsing & guess who I found?
    I did not know that Harriet had passed away.I have many good memories & especially of you.Often wondered how you were doing.
    This was my fifth Christmas without Fred.He sure left a big hole in our family.
    Debbie still lives nearby,Donna is in B.C. & David in Minnesota.
    Jordan was married last year & as of May I’m a great grandmother(can’t believe I’m old enough) LOL.
    Chas was married in July.They both have lovely wives that love the Lord.
    The Lord Bless you as you press on & take care of the “To Do List”
    Blessings, Lois.

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