Working on my LISTS

I really don’t know what I would have done after the memorial service for the celebration of Harriet’s life.  It was, of course, a celebration of the life of Harriet and Dun.  And when the service was over, the burial done, the business affairs settled and our children had all left and gone back to their homes –it was just Dun.  So now what do I do since our Lord did not let me go soon after?  I often told her that I wanted to live long enough to help her and care for her but never more than 30 minutes longer!  So now I’m on “overtime”.  Don’t know if our Lord pays time-and-a-half but His regular provisions have been “exceedingly abundant”, over and above what I have been worth to Him.

Honey Do… Rather than wondering what to do next, I’ll set out to finish the “Honey Do” list that Harriet left for me.  She told me several things, rather emphatically, concerning “when I’m gone…”  

The thing she always insisted first and foremost was “get back on the road and PREACH!”  I am more than anxious and looking forward to my first chance! 

She instructed me to visit our children.  I spent last weekend with Joe, Julieann, Jessica and Jenna in Leesburg.  Then she told me to go to Oregon to see our kids out there.  She so very much wanted to see Michael, Wendy and Nathaniel’s home and to spend time with them in Springfield.  And then she wanted to go to Baker City and spend some time with our dear friends Larry and Peggy.  I’m on my way there now.  Then she wanted me to go to Papua New Guinea and spend some time with Franz, Kristie, Jennifer, Jacob and Matthew.  I’ll be going there in February, Lord willing.

I am reminded of a football or basketball team that has to go into overtime!  There is no let-up, no slacking off, no coasting and no reservations.  In fact, they play with more effort, more energy, more drive, more focus, more fervor, more zeal and determination than in the first 4 quarters!  I want to apply myself to the calling that “Harriet and Dun” knew God had for us.  I want to be involved in reaching those who have never heard the great Gospel of our Lord.  I want to GO, GIVE, SEND and do all in my power to help finish the work our Lord gave us to do: Reach our world for His dear sake.

Do I dare ask God that the last years of my life be more fruitful and more productive than any previous ones?

Rapture ListSome folks would call it their ‘bucket list’.  But I’m working on the list of things I want to do before our Lord returns for the rest of us.  And the first thing on my Rapture List is to finish Harriet’s Honey Do list.

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  1. Just know that your Harriett has to be beaming in the presence of Jesus as you continue the “Harriett and Dun Ministry of Sharing Jesus”!

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