You have proven me wrong!

I used to tease Harriet that nobody cared anything about me or how was doing.  The standard greeting I have gotten for years has been “Hello Dun, how’s Harriet?”  No one asked about me.  Well, you have proven me way off base.  The love of God’s people has been displayed and demonstrated in a manner I could never have imagined.  The evidence is a mountain of mail; cards, notes and letters.  A flood of flowers;  innumerable calls, text messages and emails.  Our friends here in the Chapel at the Beach have brought more good food and have been so great to let me cry on their shoulders.  I am blessed beyond measure!

Joe and Julieann came and spent over a week with me and Michael and Wendy came from Oregon, Tom came from Denver and they have all been a great help and blessing to me.  Michael is still here and will fly home tomorrow.  I’ll fly down to central Florida this weekend to spend with Julieann and her family.

More information on future travel plans soon.

Thank you for praying, for caring and for sharing!

2 thoughts on “You have proven me wrong!

  1. So glad to hear that Dun, you are still in our thoughts, and we are thrilled you continue to be in everyone elses…AND that they are letting you know!

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