What about closure?

No doubt that last week was the hardest week of my life.  But praise God, yesterday was a good one.  I woke up excited at the prospects of the day.  I always look forward to our church gathering on the Lord’s Day.  And yesterday, Pastor Mike preached the best Christmas message I’ve ever heard!  He began his Christmas series by preaching on Mary, the mother of Jesus, from Luke 1..  He showed how that God could and did use her in a mighty way because of her of her attitude of submission and obedience to His word- "be it unto me according to thy word" verse (verse 38).  And the other thing was her humility-  "the low estate of his handmaiden" verse 48).  And oh, what a living example of that we saw in Harriet! 

And then the memorial service.  Getting to see old friends was a blessing I was looking forward to!  And then the chance to hear folks pay tribute to the Jesus in Harriet and to do the same myself.  Many of Harriet’s friends she had witnessed to and prayed for heard the GOSPEL loudly, clearly and sweetly. 

And I got PREACH for the first time in forever! All day long I was thanking our Lord that "this is closure" that folks talk about.  And I suppose it was – for yesterday.  It was a good day with friends and loved ones and relatives and kids even one or two folks older than me

But this morning!!! I wonder if there will ever be any closure.  God knows I hope not.  I never want to close the book on "Dun and Harriet".  It is just on hold.  Because of our Lord and His Amazing Grace, we can expect and anticipate eternity together with Him.

What about being married in heaven?  Will I know Harriet?  Will she know me?  Well this morning I think what our Lord is showing me is that we will be so absolutely enthralled with our Lord and His person, His majesty and His greatness and all His attributes, we will have that soul satisfying, all encompassing wholeness and fulfillment that will be far more than satisfying.  We will "know as we are known" the Scriptures promise us.  I’ll be known as Jesus own possession!  I’ll be Jesus trophy of grace!

Now I’m about to get back on ‘shouting ground’ as the old preachers used to say.  And sure enough, when get your nose in THE BOOK and begin to thank and praise Him, He gives you “‘BEAUTY FOR ASHES, THE OIL OF JOY FOR MOURNING, THE GARMENT OF PRAISE FOR THE SPIRIT OF HEAVINESS!”

5 thoughts on “What about closure?

  1. Good morning Dun…I would wish for every widow to read this…and I have many widow friends…Excellent thots on the matter of being left alone and facing life without your spouse…and then Heaven not being married up there 🙂 Paul says we shall be the exceptions…we shall see about that eh? Keep sharing what God is teaching you Friend… We love you and thank God for all that He has allowed you to enjoy these years here on earth with Harriet…. In Christ…Pat Dye

  2. Great testimony of Harriets memorial service. Closure! Never thought of it like that but I know you hope there is never closure on “Dun and Harriet”! Just wanted to get a little message to you before “they come get the tower”. Our ISP has gone out of business. I can still do FB and internet but no email. Just wanted to let you know this and that we are keeping you and your family in our prayers.

    • Thank you, Ruthie. Been getting messages that your email “exceeded the quota”. Glad we can still stay in touch. I’ll use FB messages to keep up with you. Want to know how Harold is doing…

  3. Thank you for your encouragement in the Word. We think of you every week thru email & NTM prayer requests. Come up to Andalusia and look us up at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church. Love ya, Roger & Zondra

  4. Well said…I’ve often wondered about spouses in heaven, but what you said sure makes sense.
    We were sure thinking about you yesterday. During our nightly prayer time, Wes and I just prayed for you just like we’ve done most nights for the past few years. We’ll continue!

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