P. S. ? B. P. ? P. U. S. H. ?

P.U.S.H.   Pray Until Something Happens!

I wrote it in the margin of my Bible as the title for Acts 12.  

The popular acronym has been around for sometime now.  The truth is, something is going to happen whether I pray or not. So, do I mean Pray until God answers the way I want Him to?  Or Pray until God readjusts my heart to accept His plans?

For years I have been using P. S. as my ‘call to prayer’ as: Pray Still, Pray Seriously, Pray Specifically and a multitude of other meanings.  Here on the Gulf Coast, we have heard of BP so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if the local pirate’s parrot cusses British Petroleum. Those mocking birds only repeat what they hear. 

B. P.  I’ve chosen to let be a call to prayer for me personally whenever I hear is used in conversation, radio or TV reports or newspaper headlines or articles.  B. P. =Better Pray!  And not limit it to oil spills.  The Scriptures teach that I should have a life of prayer about everything.  “Pray always…” and “Pray without ceasing…” are just a couple of examples.

Holiday schedule for Dialysis means that we go Lord’s Day so staff and patients can have Thanksgiving at home. But we were greeted with report this morning that Harriet’s new fistula is no longer working so it will need de-clotting? The questions is: Can it be done? Can she endure another serious procedure on an already extremely sore leg without anesthesia?  How much longer will the temporary access in her left leg be useable?

Obviously a LOT to  B. P. = Be Praying about in these days ahead!

2 thoughts on “P. S. ? B. P. ? P. U. S. H. ?

  1. Dun – our heart, prayers and love go out to you today! Wow – she fought a great fight. So thankful for the many years the Lord gave you together. It doesn’t lessen the pain you are feeling right now, but you have so many memories to hold on to! Harriet will be greatly missed – what a spirit of joy and love she showered upon everyone everyday! So many memories of Baker and learning to grow in the Lord.
    We know you family is gathering around you, but if there is ANYTHING you need, please let us know. Our whole family is praying for you!
    Love – Warren and Lyn

  2. Dear Dun and Family,
    Angela had been keeping us informed about Harriet, and we were saddened by the news she gave us yesterday afternoon. Even though you will miss her during every waking moment for the rest of your life, surely you are comforted by knowing that Harriet is no longer suffering. I can’t imagine how she endured all of the pain that accompanied her treatments; God was surely with her every step of her journey.
    I noticed that you have been reading Charles Martin’s WHEN CRICKETS CRY. Tracy and I have read five of his books over the past few weeks. We especially liked WHERE THE RIVER ENDS which took place on the river near Folkston where Tracy learned to ski when he was growing up. We really enjoyed all of Martin’s books and hope you will continue to read them, too.
    Please know that we will have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers during the coming days.
    Most sincerely,
    Tracy and Elaine Johnson(Angie Gordy’s sister)

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