Our home health nurse came yesterday and pronounced that the wound in Harriet’s left leg “is healing beyond the need for the woundVac any longer”!  So Harriet continues to rejoice and enjoy the freedom that she enjoys without that thing as her 24/7 companion.  She had a good night’s rest last night.  That wound still looks amazing!  We were scheduled to have an ultrasound on it tomorrow to determine if the new fistula is maturing enough to begin using it soon.  All indications are that it is running well but only the ultrasound will give the doctor the evidence he needs to make the decision. 

This morning when we got to the dialysis clinic, the nurses again had difficulty getting the temporary access in her left leg to run smoothly or with sufficient rate to get a proper treatment without the risk of clotting.  They sent us home to await an opening at the hospital out-patient department to have this permcath replaced.  This is inserted into her upper thigh and thru the vein or artery in her groin.  It is an “uncomfortable” location and they have a difficult time getting it to run smoothly.  The first reports (threats) when they warned us they may have to use this location was that she would have to be bed-bound (meaning hospital or rehab enter) as long as it was in there.  Needless to say, we were excited when we were able to do this from home. 

We have been called to be at the hospital by 10:30AM.  We appreciate the prayers of God’s people!


One thought on “GOOD NEWS / NOT-SO-GOOD NEWS

  1. Dear Dun & Harriet,

    We will continue to uphold you in prayer…. I just wish I could be there to help you around the house- cooking, cleaning, etc…… We love you folks so much. Thank you for your faithfulness in serving our Lord- thru’ all this pain & suffering, you remain true testimonies of God’s grace & love.

    We love you!
    Ron & Shirley

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