God Answers Prayers!

Harriet’s regular home health nurse was just out here to change the dressing on her woundVAC.  She has not been here since last Monday due to some days off and other nurses came instead.  When she took the old bandages off and saw the wound, she was actually squealing and giggling like a little girl when she saw the wound.  As she and Harriet discussed it she said that it was “just unbelievable” how much improvement there is in just one week.

Sarah is a Christian but I get the impression that it in ‘not professional’ for medical people to use the word "miraculous" very often.  Yet she used every synonym she could think of. 

Harriet just kept telling her "I just praise the Lord and thank you.  I know God is answering the prayers of so many people who are praying for me!" 

It is such a privilege to be in the good care of the loving Great Physician!  And it is an encouraging blessing to have so many friends who pray for us.

One thought on “God Answers Prayers!

  1. Praising God with you! Yes, our God is still in the miracle business! He is an AWESOME GOD!!! We will continue to pray for healing Harriett. I pray for your children on the mission field also. I have a wonderful group of ladies in my Bible Study group that can pray with power!

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