“Here we go… round again…”

We may not be not “singing a song about Molly Dee.”  But the lyrics of the old Kingston Trio hit of the 80s comes to mind.  We went to dialysis this morning and discovered that the access in Harriet’s arm is clotted – again.  This is the reason they went ahead and implanted the fistula in her leg.  With the one in her left forearm, there is no other place to put an access.  The way it has continued to clot, they wanted to get the fistula in her leg ready before she really needed it.  If it had not been for the infection, the new fistula would almost be ready to use. 

Our understanding is that if they cannot open this arm access again, the only place left for a temporary ‘permcath’ is in the groin of her left leg.  This will mean she must be immobilized (in the hospital or a rehab center) until her right leg is healed.  The home health nurse told us yesterday she was sure it would be healed by Christmas and, if it continues with no more problems, “maybe even by Thanksgiving.”

We are waiting to hear if we will be able to go back to InterVasc clinic or the hospital.  We are hoping that it will be the clinic but we are trusting our Lord to give our doctors wisdom. 


This was taken this morning outside our front door.  Harriet uses her walker to get around and her “black bag” with the wound VAC pump is more important than a purse!

4 thoughts on ““Here we go… round again…”

  1. So sorry to hear that Harriet is having more problems. She sure looks pretty good in the picture. Have been praying and will continue to pray for the both of you. Sure miss your faces in Florida, we will be leaving for there after Halloween. In the meanwhile, take care of yourselves, In Christian Love, Ele & Duane

  2. My dear Harriett, We will be praying for you and pray that your leg heals so He can change your ‘mourning into dancing’! You are such a precious example to me of rejoicing in your suffering. James says to ‘count it all joy’. That is hard to understand, except when we do, that is the release for God to work. Oh how I want to see what he does when we do that! Keep me posted. In love with Jesus, Carolyn

  3. Harriett looks beautiful standing up with that smile on her face. Tom and I have been traveling a lot this month, but we are back home for a few days. Still praying for God’s healing and strength to see you and Dun through each day. Love you lots!

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