Shoutin’ Parson

missionary kid


The term usually used for "Missionaries Kid" or "Missionary Kids".  And there is a difference.  As you can see, these young ladies, the daughters of missionaries are MISSIONARY kids themselves.

Here’s out GRANDdaughter Jennifer holding a portion of the New Testament that missionaries in a remote tribe translated into tok ples, the language of a people group who have never heard.  Jennifer and some of her class mates spent part of their school break working in the literacy department printing, cutting, binding and getting these literacy materials and Bible translations ready to fly out to the missionaries. 

Kristie was in there with the rest of the MKs – yep, she may be 30something but she’s an MK, too.  She said it was one of the best days she has had since returning to PNG as a missionary.  Here’s part of what her letter said: "My daughter is directly helping get God’s Word into PNG peoples hands!! One of the best days of our one month here so far!!  Thank you Lord for letting me and my family be a part of what You are doing in PNG!"

Good thing I was sitting alone here in my office when I opened it.  I first shouted like a Pentecostal preacher and then wept like a baby with tears of joy