And the battle goes on…

Harriet continues to battle the infection in her right leg.  The wound is just over 20 inches long from her groin to 3 or 4 inches below her knee.  Strong antibiotics, surgical debreeding and a wound vac have been some of the weapons used to save her leg and her life.  She is rather attached to that leg and I’m rather attached to her 🙂

We were encouraged at the progress but yesterday the home health nurse was unable to re-install the wound vac due to more infection.  Last night was a “challenge” to our confidence.  Is that translated to “lack of faith”? 

God forbid!  Harriet and I have determined to trust our Loving Lord no matter what the circumstances and situation He allows.  Harriet constantly reminds me –and anyone else who will listen- that God is GOOD!  And He is GOOD no matter what he chooses to allow into our lives.  God is GOOD.

What a privilege to live with such a saint!  Yes, Romans 1:7 and I Corinthians 1:2 both declare all Christians are “called to be saints”.  But some have more ability to live like it and inspire all of us to aspire to it.

Have you noticed the tendency, almost an obsession and certainly the conditioned response by Americans to assign blame?, Anything from juvenile delinquency, marriage problems, illegal immigration,,, you-name-it.  And if the government does not appoint a commission to study it, conventional wisdom will.

Most of our family and friends want to find out who to blame for the infection Harriet is now fighting. The hospital? The medical personnel? The medicines?  Personally, I struggle not to blame myself for not caring for her adequately or at least insist that she be kept in the hospital under skilled, professional care.   She and I are both determined not to play that blame game.  We desire to remember that nothing, NOTHING that comes in our lives did not either come FROM or Lord or at least have His PERMISSION to be here.

And speaking of weapons, our most proven and effective weapon against this infection and doubt is PRAYER.  We are so thankful for so many faithful friends who are PRAYING friends!

2 thoughts on “And the battle goes on…

  1. God is very good! What would good is in finding the source to blame? The source is a germ. You are wise, blame will not heal the infection, heart, soul, pain. Peace and our Savior is the only Balm. Blame is a national pass time in this country. Blame means dollars to some folks. But God has a lot to say about wealth and happiness. She has it and no amount of blame or money will end it sooner. Only divine healing works, so everyone needs to be on their knees instead of their soap box!!! Harriet is the wisest of us and continues to lean on the Lord.

  2. Dear Dunn,

    Please give a kiss and hug to Harriet for me and have her return the same to you! I’m so sorry for what you’re all going thru – I know that your strengths are strong in Him and in the power of His might! This is where the rubber meets the road…is God God or not?? Did Jesus die and take all of our sickness and become a curse that we might have life and more abundantly or not?? Your testimonies are what shine right now and will lead many to this saving knowledge of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus the only Messiah!!! I know where I once worked that your lives shone to many and many questions were raised about your faith!!! Never allow the enemy of your souls to come in and bring doubt about His love and His care for you and Harriet – He is still the One we cry out to – we are still holding Harriet up before His throne daily for complete healing and restoration!!!
    Love you!!

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