Went to out-patient and they were successful in opening Harriet’s access. BUT she "bottomed out" and they had hard time bringing her back. In recovery, did the same thing, convulsions and no BP. Helpless feeling just to stand there and can’t seem to pray ‘good enough’. Just before they put the paddles on her, she revived.

Ambulance to ER where they got her stabilized. Finally home now. Long, scary day. Obvious to Harriet and I both that someone’s praying! And God is answering!

One thought on “HARROWING DAY!

  1. When I did chemo they installed a “Port” for the infusion of chemicals I had to do each week. Do they have something like that for dialisis? I don’t know much about dialisis, must read up on that.

    I would gladly donate a kidney if we could match! Just say the word.

    Would you like me to come out to help you with things?

    Jesus, you are our Doctor of choise. You hand need only to touch the flesh to heal. Pleasd touch Harriet this moment and make her able to continue a productive non-bedridden life full of too many mountain peaks. We long for you to allow her to live in a peaceful valley. Thank you for all your blessing to this person we love. We have faith that your healing, your timing, is always will be and always have been perfect. We just are selfish creatures who want healing NOW and complete. Let us know if we er in our prayers and praying for healing, when we need to pray something else. You are the Man. We trust you with all our hearts, but we are troubled by emotions difficult to discipline and control. Your gift of love is sometimes one that stumbles us for we love our families and do not leave time for your timing. Right NOW is our chorus. Help us to sing YOUR song in this situation. We are weak and do not understand. We will lean on you you and not our own understanding.

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