Harriet has just finished her last dialysis treatment in he hospital and called to say she is on her way over to the room. As soon as they can get a “bed pusher” to roll her back, we will be ready to go.  We are scheduled to be discharged.  She has had sufficient medical treatment but has not  yet satisfied the lawyers.  When we can process enough MORE papers to make the legal beagles happy, we’ll be out of here. 

You may have thought that doctors and their medicines run hospitals and health care.  We have learned the secrets: it is attorneys and their papers that determine if you will get treatment, what kind and if you have had enough.  Oh well, it is keeping our logging friends in business.  And by the way, it is NOT their fault that the trees get cut down.  It is the government’s insatiable appetite for paper work!  And in the day of computers, hard drives and electronic storage!

Home health service will send a wound care specialist nurse to begin caring for Harriet tomorrow.  I understand they will come 3 times per week to change the wound vac and the dressing.  They are anticipating 2-3 months before it is healed.

Needless to say, we are excited to get back to our little shack at the beach!!



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