Doctor’s agree to release Harriet

Harriet will have a dialysis treatment in the hospital tomorrow morning (Saturday) and if all goes well, we will then be discharged and finish this ordeal at home.  The wound care Nurse came an changed the wound vac to a portable one that we will be using until this wound is healed.  The doctor said he thought it will be at least 2 months on the wound vac before it is healed.  When he asked the nurse, she said “at least”.  But when she came to bring us the portable unit, she brought us 3 months of supplies, “just in case”.

I have not been in a hurry to get her home because I’m afraid I cannot care for her good enough.  We’ll just go on walking by faith and trust The Great Physician to give our doctors wisdom.

We will have home health care beginning on Sunday so that is encouraging.   Thank you for praying!


3 thoughts on “Doctor’s agree to release Harriet

  1. You will do just fine, nurse Gordy. I like the sound of that. Harriet needs a cane which she can thump on the floor to summon you and whap you when you don’t do your nurse job.

  2. We will be leaving on Tues.- 21st- for meetings in KS, IA & MO; so we won’t have contact for 2 wks. We want you to know you are dear to our hearts, & we pray regularly for you. Dun, the Lord will enable to care for your beloved Harriet…

    Much love & prayers,
    Ron & Shirley

  3. Thought I’d check up on you two and wanted to hear a different story … as you maintain God is indeed in control. It is a battle and you are faithful in the fight … keep on keeping on … God is on your side and He is in control. He knows how much you both love Him and have served Him and He knows your hearts.
    Great is Your faithfulness, O God, our Father, Morning by morning, new mercies we see, All we have needed You have provided, Great is your Faithfulness, Lord we agree!!! – mw

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