First smile, first breakfast…

DSC01020 Harriet had a long and hard day yesterday.  She went to dialysis at 7:15 AM and returned at 3:15 PM.  Her heart rate gave them some scare but they were able to get it back to normal and did an EKG later to make sure it was OK.

Then gave her an IV bag of antibiotics and one unit of blood.  The Doctor placed a ‘wound vac’ on Harriet’s leg and sent her back to our room.  This should help the healing and eliminate the need for dressing change every 6 hours as before.

Last night she was sick and hurting but after the nausea they gave her a shot and she slept like a front-row Baptist with a clear conscience!  And as you can see, she’s back at it.

She ate a good breakfast for the first time in two weeks and even managed a smile.

The newly constructed wing on the hospital is really nice.  Every room is private, large and roomy with a comfortable sleeping couch for family and nice desk with internet connection.  And the best nursing staff in the world.

We have so much for which to be THANKFUL!

One thought on “First smile, first breakfast…

  1. “Thank you, Lord!” We rejoice with you today for the good news. Sounds as if the new hospital is just right “up town”… We’re happy for all the improvements- most of all Harriet’s improvement, being able to eat, etc.

    Love you much,
    Ron & Shirley

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