I wish I could upload the picture of the rainbow outside Harriet’s window this morning.  God placed the first one in the sky over Noah as a seal on His promise that He would never destroy the world again by water.  But He only did that after Noah had been in the ark for 40 days of flooding and 110 days of floating.  190 days confined inside a big wooden box.  Doors and windows all closed.  I figured the whole family probably lost weight.  The smell must have been enough to take ruin anybody’s appetite!

And God keeps that rainbow handy to hang out once in a while to remind us that HE keeps HIS promises.  And that beautiful splash of color over the bay, filling Harriet’s window this morning was a precious reminder to me of several of those promises:

"I will never leave you nor forsake you."

"Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the earth." (translated- hospital surgical room)

"I will not fail thee nor forsake thee."

What a mighty God we serve!  And what precious and tender care He gives to His people.  Especially those who are weak in faith and tempted to despair.  As Pastor Mike reminded us on Sunday:  "God doesn’t help those who help themselves.  God helps those who can not help themselves."  And He continues to help us.

Harriet had the best night rest she has had since this ordeal started.  Dr. Morris removed all that infected tissue in her leg and left a hole big enough to lay your hand in.  It would have been a pretty nice size steak if they had taken it off one of Charlie Sellars’ steers!  I can’t imagine how she can endure having an open wound like that.  But there is no infection and they want to keep it dry and give it a chance to heal from the inside. 

She is in dialysis today so I’ll go home to pick up some clean clothes, get the mail and run some errands. Then be back here when she finishes her treatment. What a God we serve!

3 thoughts on “RAINBOWS AND STEAKS?

  1. We’re rejoicing with you about Harriet’s good night of rest… Wish I could be there to cook for you & give you some help, Dun. Give our sweet friend Harriet a big hug for us. She deserves all kinds of medals for her bravery. You are blessed to have her, & we’re blessed to have you both as dear friends.

    Love & our prayers,
    Shirley & Ron

  2. Hello to you both. You are in many prayers. Glad you got a rainbow! I’m so sorry you have to go through all this! Debrieding is a good thing getting rid of dead and infected tissue giving new growth an opportunity. Is she getting up at all? Sitting or walking? “Caring Bridge” was designed for situations liike yours if you care to give it a look. I was in the hospital the other eve. myself … fell and hit my head on a table that was harder than my head … and my shoulder, knee and ankle. Four hours alone in the hospital. Your suport for Harriet is a good thing!!! God knows, He cares, and He has you in the palm of His hand. In Christ, Marja

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