UPGRADE to First Class

Nothing will make you appreciate First Class any more than repeatedly crossing the Pacific Ocean in the ‘cattle car’ section of a 747!  Cramming my fat frame into a seat designed to make a 10 year old Japanese girl feel comfortable was not only miserable, it was just as unpleasant for people in seats next to me.  Now, held in that contorted condition for 9 to 14 hours . . .

Well, if you’ve been there I don’t need to describe it.  And if you haven’t, words are insufficient to adequately convey the unique torture method called “international travel”.  

But if you’ve done that enough on the same airline, you will eventually get a complimentary upgrade to “business class”.  And if you hold out and save your mileage, you may, just mabye get sent up to FIRST Class! 

When I walked into Harriet’s new room in the brand new addition to our hospital, all I could think was “First Class”!

But up front in a big seat or cattle car in the child’s chair, you are still confined to an aluminum and plastic tube, breathing re-circulated air with 300 other earthlings 6 miles above the earth God created for us to inhabit.  And clean, overused room in an old hospital or a new luxury suite (Ha) you are still in a hospital.  The Papua New Guinea word for hospital is more descriptive.  It is called a haus sik = Sick House!

Harriet had a good night’s sleep after having her arm de-clotted in (another) surgery and then a dialysis treatment in the hospital.  We are awaiting the doctor’s visit this morning but the nurse seems to be pleased with the ‘progress’ Harriet’s leg is making in beginning to heal. 

Will post more after church today. 

Have a blessed Lord’s Day!