“Bad, but not as bad as yesterday’s bad”

That was not the exact ‘doctor-eze’ language he used but my translation of what one of Harriet’s doctors said when he looked at her leg Thursday morning.  I told my son I wish I had the nerve to take a picture and send him of what his Mother is suffering, but it would make him sick.  He agreed.

The incision from Harriet’s groin to 4 inches below here knee is infected and I’ll spare you even a word picture.  But I will say it looks like pictures I’ve seen of wounded soldiers with tropical ulcers.  And without the pain medications and gracious care of good nurses, I don’t know how she can endure.

The culture has come back showing E COLI infection as well as another type staff infection.  The doctors feel that she can recover and the wound will heal but it will be a long and slow process. 

I met both of our doctors this morning with “I just heard from the Lord and He said tell you He still loves Doctors.  And I guess that’s not too surprising since He’s the Great Physician Himself”.  I think Dr. Morris and Dr. Walker are always wondering how we’ll get on the subject but Harriet and I are convinced that one reason we are here is for these two doctor’s.  They both desperately need our Lord.  But they don’t know it.

Pray that our lives will be a living example and our words will be a clear testimony of God’s goodness and love.  Please God, draw them to you!


8 thoughts on ““Bad, but not as bad as yesterday’s bad”

  1. I am so sorry Harriet continues to have pain and suffering. I will pray for God’s loving hands to change all that. Love Susie

  2. We are so sorry about your difficulties and suffering! Wow. Harriet cannot seem to get relief! I ordered a gift certificate from Schwans.

    * They deliver
    * Order number 25961207
    * You should receive the gift cert by next Wed
    * It is for $50
    * We have found most of things ordered from them have been very good
    * Will allow you to cook pre-made things while she rests.
    * You can look on line and decide what you wish to order after receiving the gift cert. They will give you a catalog.
    * Their ice cream is esp. good!
    * If freezer space is a problem, you can use the gift cert. in $25 increments

    We are praying and sending warm wishes to you!

    God’s blessings to you and yours,
    Susie Heller

  3. God is good—- all the time, All the time God is good. This is what the pastor has been saying every week. He says “God is good” We say “All the time, He says” All the time” we say “God is good. No matter what we face we can say GOD is GOOD. God has crowns for those who suffer, I think, I have not been praying for you like I was because I hadn’t heard from you, and it wasn’t your fault I just didn’t go into your web or whatever it has been. So sorry out of sight out of mind. When I saw your e-mail I was afraid something had happened to Harriet—-well it had, and I am so sorry. I will put you both back on our prayer list. We pray for 35 Missionaries nearly every day. We do love you both in our Savior,, Bob and Darlene Prange

  4. Just read your message to Harold and we offer our prayer, for you and Harriet. But we also pray for Dr Morris and Dr Walker. You two have been a testimony and will continue to be. We used to feel that way with Dr. Rifai – that God put him in our lives to be a witness. I will never forget the day when we shared Hebrews 11:1 with our Muslim Dr. I said, Dr. Rifai, do you know what faith is? He said, What is it? I said, Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. He said, Say that again. So I did, Harold was in an isolation ward and bad sick in bed but we both got excited when he said that! Then he took his little black book out and wrote it down. We felt good about him carrying the powerful Word of God around in his pocket. Well, one thing for sure they won’t ever be able to say, “They didn’t tell me.” We pray that God will speedily heal precious Harriet. We love you guys and don’t forget you for a day! Just think how much more God thinks of you!!!

  5. Hey Dunn, I’m so sorry to hear about sweet Harriet and her troubles!! I’ll be praying for her healing..she’s gone thru so much but as you know dear preacher friend – God is not unknowing of her struggles and He will work this together for both your good! She is a brave soldier in His army!! Please give her my love! We’ve gone thru some rough battles this last year and not out of woods yet – still in the trenches but Jesus is in here with us as He is with you! So what better place to be! Your pictures of your children and grandchildren are lovely!! blessings and kisses to Harriet!!!

  6. Dun, Check out “Caring Bridge”. It is a free service where you can enter Harriet and your needs and people can go there and repond. Should be useful if you are interested. – mw

    • Thanks, Marja. I haven’t been responding to your comments but I have been checking them out. I keep up with several folks on Caring Bridge but never occured to me to use it. I just keep thinking that this will be over soon so won’t need it. Hindsight…
      Also we are seriously looking into home health care. I’m determined NOT to go home without it.

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