Harriet began having pain and fever on Friday but we were able to keep it under control with pain meds.  By Saturday morning she was sick, nauseated and having more pain.  There was also more drainage from the wound site. We called the doctor and he said the swelling and drainage is to be expected but if she continued to have fever and pain we should take her to the ER.

I think Harriet will have to be unconscious before a determined ambulance crew could wrestle her off to the ER.  Daughter Julieann and her family are here for the weekend and she and I were up with her most of the night.   Her fever finally broke and she was able to sleep the rest of the night.

This morning one of our friends at church heard about her and he and his wife came by to check on Harriet.  Tom is an MD and he and Mary come to our church when they are here at their beach home.  We did not realize that they were home this weekend until pastor called and said they were on the way over here.

What a blessing they were.  He checked the wound and told us what to do.  He recommended that we request our surgeon to get Harriet on home health services.  We’ll do that tomorrow morning thru the dialysis clinic.  Please pray that Harriet continues to heal and recover. 



  1. The dialysis unit may not have home health services. perhaphaps you know that they do? If not a hospital Social Worker can putll strings that you or I may not be able to. Glad God got you a doctor to make a home call … she does need ongoing medical care. I’m so sorry you both have to go through this ordeal. My prayers are with you. I am at the bottom of the pnd myself, today. Have two doc’s appointments this week so someone may know something. When we all get to Heaven … ‘ til then … God continue to bless and keep you each.

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