“I can talk about myself…”

It was in one of those far-out-of-date magazines you only read in a waiting room when there is no other printed matter.  And it was one of those women’s mags that tried to convince the readers that they were all overweight, ugly, smelled bad, and a social misfit but addicted to the world of Hollywood and so-called celebrities. At least that’s what you’d think judging by the advertisements and the articles.

Amid all this was a picture of some (I suppose) starlet that I’d never heard of or seen.  It was her assertion about some sort of therapy.  You could almost hear the silly giggle in the printed testimony: “I just love to go to my therapist.  I get to talk about myself for one whole hour!”

My cynical reaction was “has it ever occurred to you that there is a reason you have to PAY someone to listen to you talk about yourself"?”

Wonder if I’m the kind of person folks would feel free to talk to without having to pay me?  Unfortunately, thru 19 years of formal education, I never took a class in listening.  Speech classes in high school, college class in public speaking, preaching, sermon delivery in seminary… but not one lecture, class and certainly not a single course in just plain LISTENING!