HARRIET IS HOME! Kristie is leaving…

Harriet had a good dialysis treatment in the hospital on Friday –because God answers prayer!  Then, after a short stay back in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit she was moved to a private room.  I was able to stay with her last night and then her surgeon came in about 10 AM and released her.  We finally got home just after noon and both of us went to bed.  I think being in her own hone and in her own bed was the best medicine she has had since surgery!

We so very much appreciate so many folks praying for us. 

This will be the Martens’ last Lord’s Day before returning to Papua New Guinea on Tuesday,  I’m looking forward to worshiping with them in our Chapel at Rosemary Beach.  Harriet will just not be able to go and probably not able to go with us to the airport on Tuesday.  I do hope you will pray for us in this exciting but painfully emotional send-off.   Harriet and I have prayed for Kristie since her birth that she will serve our Lord in missionary work.  So we are praising God and commending her and her family to the greatest task in all the world- getting the Gospel of grace to the ends of the earth!