P. S. = Pray Specifically

Harriet had a better day even though she is still in the ICU. Dr.s have taken away her pain meds so she’s still very uncomfortable. Kristie counted 69 staples holding her incision together… she is  sure she must have missed at least one 🙂

Pray Specifically for dialysis tomorrow. Harriet is NOT looking forward to treatment there in the hospital dialysis unit.  We both feel that the way her treatment was given there on Wednesday was a major contributing factor in her very adverse reaction.  We were praying that she could be able to be dismissed today or tomorrow morning so that we can do dialysis at our home unit here on the beach.  There is still a slight possibility that she can be released in the morning but they don’t seem to want to let her go yet. 

Please continue to Pray Specifically that she will not get any kind of infections.

4 thoughts on “P. S. = Pray Specifically

  1. Dun, Harriet should not be without pain meds this soon after surgery. You might ask about Naproxen and something for anxiety. I get more pain relief from Naproxen(the generic Alleve) than from Hydrocodone(Vicodan). She is bound to have anxiety and Xanax(Alprazolam) is good, too. Praying with and for each of you. In Christ, – mw

  2. Just checking to be sure I suggested you ask for Naproxen – I think I told you it is generic Alleve. – mw

  3. I am so glad you have this website to enable us to know about both of you without phone calls. You know that I have been praying ever since Lindsay first , and then you, notified me. Harriet has an entire hospital staff to care for her (not YOUR kind of care), but you are the only one to look after Dun. Please take care of the caretaker.

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