Harriet in ICU

I stayed with Harriet after her surgery last night.  She had a restless night and then had dialysis at the hospital today..  After the dialysis treatment, she was brought back to the room in chills,  nausea and lots of pain.  Shortly she began to have convulsions and vomiting.  Her nephrologist was still at the hospital and he came in and immediately ordered her to the ICU.  He was most cautious that there had been no damage to her heart and asked her a couple of times if she had any chest pains.

When we got to the ICU, they drew blood and did a whole series of test which came back showing a good report.  The doctor took her off the strong pain medications which (I think) he suspected may have caused her adverse reaction this afternoon.  And without these Harriet was still in a lot of pain in the leg where the surgery was done. They were finally able to get her some sleep aid and pain relief so she was settling down and assured me that she was going to sleep. 

I REALLY hated to leave her but there was no way they would allow me to remain in the ICU with her so I came on home and will return early tomorrow. 

The surgeon and the nephrologist were both pleased with the surgery itself.  He was able to strip a vein out of the top of her right leg and implant it beside the artery.  This took an incision from her groin to the inside of her knee.  Using her own vein means there is less risk of infection and rejection.  It will still be 5-6 weeks before this fistula heals, ‘matures’ and they can determine that will be usable.  Don’t think I need to emphasize our need for your prayers.


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