NOT Giving Them Up – Giving Them Over. . .

Pastor Steve Sanders said something that I wrote in my Bible so I would not forget it.  He said that sending your children to the mission field is not giving them up.  It is giving them over to the care and keeping of our Lord!

I’ve had to remind myself of that more than ever these days as we get ready to see Franz and Kristie leave for Papua New Guinea.  And no matter how sweet the song may sing, it would not be worth at all if they were going to the uttermost part of the earth in the care and keeping of a loving Father.  And were they not going to serve our Lord.

They are coming to our house to stay until their visas are granted by the PNG government.  They hope to be flying out on or about September 2.

They still need some regular monthly financial support and some funds for their initial setup when they arrive.

Check out their blog or their Facebook page:!/pages/Martens-on-Mission/235561707339?ref=ts