Harriet Did Great… Doctor Did the Best He Could… But….

The nurse was able to get an IV into the vein on the back of Harriet’s hand with no pain and do it on the first try!  If you knew what a history Harriet has of problems with these procedures, you would KNOW that God was answering prayer.  It was the first of the good news we had had in this latest round of challenges that Harriet has faced.

Though they could not give her as much anesthetic as before, the entire procedure was pain free for which we really thank the Great Physician.  She did have a good sedative which really helped. 

The doctor said that he was as aggressive as he could be without risking injury.  He was able to get to the blockage in her chest but was unable to get a wire thru it.  He had hoped to be able to do angioplasty there and then insert a stent.  He explained that the body will sometimes compensate for a blockage like this by forming collateral veins to route the blood back to the heart.  This is apparently what is happening in Harriet.

When she asked him how long this will last, he said that in some cases it will last for years.  “It could last you the rest of your life”, he said.

Harriet said “You know, we are just trusting the Lord for whatever He wants”.  To which he replied, “yes, and He knows what is best and He always does what is best.”

God answers prayers and we thank the many, many people who have prayed and are praying.  And thanks for the encouraging calls, emails and Facebook notes!