Blood clots, Blocked arteries and the edge of Eternity…

The access in Harriet’s arm was clotted this morning so she could not get dialysis. I took her to the out-patient surgical clinic where they were able to get her arm de-clotted. BUT, while trying to open the blockage in her chest, her blood pressure dropped dangerously low and her heart rate decreased alarmingly.  When it got "below 35" the doctor said, he was finally able to stop the decreasing rate.

Dr. said "she sure scared us". It took them 10 minutes to revive and get her somewhat stabilized. After another hour, they were were able to send us home. Dr. told me to watch her close and call 911 immediately if need be. Will go back for dialysis tomorrow. She’s finally sleeping restfully now.

PLEASE PRAY that this ‘fix’ holds and they are able to get the blockage opened in her chest.  This is a major contributor to the recurring clots in her arm.

After the hottest spring on record, what will summer be like.  Don’t think I really want to know!  But no oil on our beach yet… sorry for what the muddlers (media) may have told you.


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