“Help, I’ve fallen and…”

When we returned from doctor’s appointment yesterday, Harriet was dizzy and just had to stand and lean on her cane.  She felt OK to walk on in the house without sitting on the bench for a few minutes.  But as I held the door for her, she fainted and fell flat on her face – didn’t drop her cane nor even try to catch herself. 

When she ‘came to’ she was looking into a pool of blood.  I’ve learned not to try to move her until she can assess the damage so asked her if she was OK and if she was ready to roll over. 

She said “I’ve broken my tooth” as the blood poured from her mouth.  When I leaned over to put a rag with an ice cube to her mouth, I found a horrible sight.  A piece of bone too big to be a tooth lay in the blood!  I tried not to show the terror in my heart as I tried to get up the nerve to pick it up.

But first I looked into her mouth.  There didn’t seem to be any teeth missing but her top lip was split. 

I finally got the courage to pick up the mysterious fragment and wiped the blood off. 

A piece of an oyster shell, bleached white in the Florida sun!  She has been selecting ‘just the right shells’ for a craft project and she found this one to be a possibility. 

We finally got the bleeding stopped.  Her top lip was split and the bottom had a smaller cut.  One or tooth’s are loose but not chipped nor broken. There were some bruises on her elbows and knees but no more visible damage.   She was eventually able to get a fairly descent night’s sleep.

When the nurse at dialysis checked her this morning, she suspected that the doctor will probably send us for xRays of her hand.  She apparently landed on the handle of her cane. 

Never a dull moment?  Well, very few routine days, anyway.  But NEVER A LACK of our Lord’s care and protection! 

One thought on ““Help, I’ve fallen and…”

  1. Wow! Yesah, very few routine days! When I open the blinds in the den about 6 a.m. where Harold and I spend most of our “prime” time together when I am home, I talk to the Lord and tell Him that we need His loving care and protection and grace for the day! Best insurance in the world, and free. Poor Harriet. And poor you! It is pretty upsetting after all to find your loved one lying on the ground, or floor! Trust she is healing well. And your skin cancer op’s don’t look like any fun either. Your calf and cow story sounds just about as unreal as the story a fellow who was trying to win me over years ago fed me. I had told him that I did not want to go with him, so don’t come over any more!!! He came one afternoon and said that he was kicked in the mouth by a cow they were slaughering. I fell for the story and was offering him some sympathy (verbally) when Mom followed me into a “secret place” and said, Ruthie, don’t believe a word of it. There are no marks on his skin outside – he had some dental work done! It made me like him less. However, I did like your story! But then I know you! Give my love to Harriett.

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