Summer weather and surgeon appointment

Seems we just jumped from nice Florida winter to HOT summer in a mighty short time.  When we first moved here to PC, I had a heat stroke that put me in the hospital – dr. thought I was having a heart attack and I thought he might be right.  The only lasting result was that I find it harder and harder to tolerate the hot weather.  Harriet’s cardiac limitations do not seem to do as well in this extreme heat either so we just try not get out in it.  I keep telling the Lord I need to be in the cool mountains of Oregon.  But so far the Great Physician has not confirmed my diagnosis Yet He knows I’m ready when He is.

Ultrasound have found some lesions on Harriet’s thyroid.  They say there is only a small possibility (about 25%) that it is malignant.  We have an appointment with the surgeon for "consultation" this week.  I thought that the only consulting a surgeon could give is “Cut, baby, Cut”.  Well, maybe Dr. Morris can come up with some better idea this time.

I’ve told him before that he is going to have to put up with me pestering him with the Gospel until he gets saved or he gets Harriet past the need for a surgeon.  So now you know how to pray for him… and for us. 

BTW… dermatologist has removed the patchwork on my face and declared me clean –for now. 


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  1. Dun, we’re hoping and praying for your and Harriett’s health. And I’m bringing a rope next time I see you so that I can personally pull your leg.

    Jeff Wilson (and Teresa Wasson)

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