Is a Puzzlement…

Harriet tells me that I talk too much and preach too long.  And then she tells me that I don’t give enough information about my ailments.  So here goes.

DUN- I’ve made it a practice of having a dermatologist screening every 6 months since living in the Sunshine State.  And sure enough, it has been a regular routine to have spots cut, burned and frozen out and off.  The latest check-up found a spot on the bridge of my nose and another on my left temple.  The P A seemed to be concerned because it had appeared so soon and grown so large since my last check.  The biopsy showed that the one on my nose was benign but the one on my temple was cancerous. 

I went in on Tuesday and had it cut out.  Dr. said that they would leave it open until they got the pathologist report as to whether he had gotten it all.  We went back in today and he said he needed to take another layer.  The first one did not get it all.  He left it open once again and I am to return on Friday.  If he got it all, they will then suture it and send me home.  If not…?  I have no idea what to expect after that.

HARRIET – Our appointment at the clinic for the fistulagram gave us some concern.  The excessive bleeding in her arm was probably caused by a blockage that should be opened with a  “roto-rooter” kind of procedure. The doctor found that the blockage was in her chest and he was unable to get it open. 

We are concerned that if this completely clots off the new access will have to be put in her leg.  Please pray that this arm will continue to be useable and not clot off.