HOLE in the armor or WHOLE Armor of God

Harriet has a "procedure" scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8 AM.  An outpatient "fistulagram" to roto-rooter the access in her left arm.  Pray that it will be a simple and routine procedure and give her relief from the excess bleeding she has been experiencing at dialysis.

My dermatologist called to say that the results of my biopsy showed one benign and the other with "Atypical" cells in the spot on my left temple.  They want me to come in tomorrow at 2 PM and have the whole thing removed.  (This is in the exact spot of the skin cancer which took the life of my Grandpa in 1935.  I don’t like anyone coming at me with a knife, even if they have a DR. in front or behind their name.  But I do like the better option than what Papa got!)

Between those two butchers, I have an appointment with the podiatrist at 11.  So far, he has only used a Dremel tool and shock treatment.  If he comes out with a knife, he’ll have to cut me on the back side, on the way out the door!

Reminds me what Carrie Lindsey told me about going to the mission field, suited in the with Armor of God (Ephesians 6:13).  She pointed out that that suit has no provision for the back side.

A hole in the armor?  Absolutely not!  But "The only protection we will have for our back is prayer warriors who will stand behind us."  I’ve tried to stand behind Ron and Carrie since then.  Hope I can, once again, count on lots of God’s folks to "cover our sixes" tomorrow.

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  1. Proud to be one of those warriors whose “got your back”—- Jon and I will keep you both in our prayers tomorrow and always my friend!

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