Scott and Jennie are taking God`s message to the Dao people.When I read Scott’ and Jennie’s testimony from the jungles of Indonesia, I immediately had two thoughts: THANK YOU, Lord for letting me have a part in getting the glorious light of the Gospel to the Dao Valley; and at almost the same time I wanted to say THANK YOU to the folks who have so faithfully supported us over the years!  You, too, should rejoice that the investment of encouragement, prayer and finances you made in our life is still bearing fruit!  I could never have had a ministry of preaching and teaching and challenging if you had not been standing with us! 

I do hope you will read this testimony on the New Tribes Mission website. And that you will continue to pray that the Lord of the harvest will send more laborers into His harvest field. (By the way, that’s just Jesus prayer request that I’m passing on in His behalf)

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