Praise for Surgery

Harriet was so thankful for the surgery, especially now that is is over and she is back in her own bed.  She said that I should tell you that it was “easy, quick and comfortable”.  Translation: she slept thru the whole thing!  Believe it or not, the doctor was not just on time, he was early.  Harriet said she had no pain and in fact, she felt nothing after the first pin prick.  We were finished and on our way home just before 2 PM.

Dr. Mochler said that this was one of the worst he can remember repairing.  He cleaned out the tendons in the palm of her hand and removed several little tumors.  After a couple of weeks she should be good as new, able to use her hand and be pain free.  We certainly pray that it will.

We really do appreciate the prayers of so many of you, God’s children.  Thank you for standing with us thru so many difficult days.  It has been a long and difficult winter for Harriet, physically.  But we are encouraged and most thankful for the privilege of serving the King of Kings!