But the laborers are still few…

When Wycliffe Bible Translators was founded back in the late 1930s they estimated that there were 2,000 languages without the Gospel.  Ten years later, New Tribes Mission launched an attempt to “reach new tribes until the last tribe is reached”.  The revised count of unreached languages was still 2,000 as more needs were uncovered.  

In spite of the multitude of translations completed in the last half century, estimates of unreached people groups still range into the thousands.

But the good news is- about every 45 days a new language group is hearing the Gospel in their own language.  And they are hearing from a missionary teacher that they can ask questions and seek better understanding from –not just a broadcast.

Remember, the Ethiopian eunuch had a copy of the Scriptures in his own language.  He could read it for himself, but he could not understand. That’s why Jesus said “GO YE”. 

In 2009 New Tribes missionary teams started work in 11 new tribes.  Plans are to start working in 25 new languages in 2010. 

By God’s grace and for His dear sake, let us press on; going, sending, praying, paying and asking the Lord of the Harvest to send more laborers!