It’s a Mystery!

We got a great Christmas letter from one of our missionaries talking about a mystery.  They mentioned several mysterious things about the Christian life and especially the miraculous ways our Lord works in pioneer evangelism.  And it got Harriet and I to thinking and discussing the great mystery in our lives.

Why do so many folks write to tell us that they are praying for us in the “difficulties” and the “hardships” that we face with health problems.  Now, I’m not about to tell you that these aren’t ‘challenging’ circumstances and situations that we find to be our lot in life.  And we are more than aware that it is only our Lord’s grace in answer to many folks praying that we press on.

But we cannot comprehend, much less explain the exceeding joy and abundance of thanksgiving that is our daily life in our circumstances!  We have never enjoyed life as much as we do these days.  Sunset on the beach has never been more beautiful and sunrise even more so.  We have never enjoyed being married to each other more.  We have never enjoyed ministering together more.  We enjoy praying and reading Scripture, both together and individually more than ever.  We have continue to have so many great opportunities to share Gospel with folks in the “medical world”.  We have are blessed above measure in our church fellowship. 

We love where we live and enjoy our home, our neighborhood and our beach.  We rejoice in our children and our GRANDchildren.  We are continually amazed in seeing the way our Lord meets our needs and especially cares for Harriet.  We actually have learned to see each new medical challenge as a way our Lord is going to show Himself strong in our lives!

Explain it?  I think I can: “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

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