Failure? From whose perspective?

Since our Lord hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus”, according to Ephesians 2:6, then we must continually remind ourselves to look at our earthly condition from that perspective. 

Harriet and I had to remind ourselves of that truth yesterday when she had to endure the pain as Dr. Morris’ nurse removed the staples from her arm.  Then the surgeon himself checked it and declared “I’m sorry, it just didn’t work”.  He confirmed what we had already suspected that the new fistula had clotted and was unusable and not repairable.  “How would you like me to put a graft in your left forearm?” 

That replaced some of the disappointment with an encouraging possibility.  This will give Harriet back the use of her right arm.  And “Thank you, Lord, I can wear long sleeved blouses and sweaters again!”  she smiled.  What a way to testify again to Dr. Morris, nurse Debbie and to me, just Who she is trusting as her Great Physician.

Another encouragement is that she will NOT have a undergo another surgery so soon.  We’ll have about 2 weeks to get over this ordeal before enduring the next. 

So Praise God Specifically with us and Pray Still that the permacath in her chest will continue to function adequately.  They have increased her time on the dialysis machine to 3 hours, 45 minutes.  A long time to sit, but a blessing that it is available.       

One thought on “Failure? From whose perspective?

  1. God is really wanting you two to spend time with Dr. Morris and his nurses! Someone is going to get
    saved thru all this. What a wonderful witness your
    Hariett and you are for the Lord thru all of this.

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