P. S. = Pray Still – Pulling Staples

Harriet goes to get the staples removed tuesday.  They still don’t hear any life in the site but I am praying that the surgeon will have some solution rather than another surgery for inserting a tube.   I do not believe that she could face another surgery right now.  She has been in constant pain, non-stop for 2 weeks, since the last surgery.  The only time she has any relief is when she takes pain medication and that just takes the edge off of it.  It has really been wearing on her and I just pray that our Lord will give her some relief from that when they remove the staples tomorrow.

We had another one of the nephrologists in the group (Dr. Dean) check her today.  It is like having a “2nd opinion” to me and I’m glad he came.  He said the reports about her liver came back a bit more encouraging and so we’ll wait and see if there is any change in next months tests.  They won’t do anything else about that for now.

Dr. Dean also said that they will not be able to do surgery on her arm until they are able to figure out some way to get and keep her blood pressure up.  They are going to put her on for an additional 15 minutes of treatment (total of 3:45). 

I suspect that we’ll have to go to the cardiologist about that (BP), but he has already said that they are doing all they can and he has no more ideas to try… her heart is just not pumping as strong enough.  Not the most encouraging prospect.  I sure appreciated Isaiah 40:28-29 this morning.

But I want you to know that we are having a great Christmas!  We have enjoyed shopping and going to see the lights.  We’ve had fun fixing Christmas gifts for our neighbors together… going to give them some of Harriet’s ‘nuts n bolts’, some tomato relish and pear preserves that we made… having fun with our “orange parties” and watching Christmas specials on TV.  We have a little ‘magic box’ that Santa put under our little tree and every night he has added some new little treat to it.  We enjoy our beloved church family more every day! God is just so GOOD to us and we can’t thank Him enough!