P. S. = Pray Still / Pray Specifically

After the surgery in Harriet’s arm last Tuesday, Dr. Morris said that it will take about 2 weeks to determine if it will be useable.  Needless to say, we are praying specifically that this new fistula will work as it is supposed to.  The nurses at dialysis are still not able to hear a pulse thru this area and seem to be a bit concerned that it may not be working.  We are confident that the Great Physician who stopped the woman’s bleeding in Matthew 9:20 can keep the blood flowing thru Harriet’s arm.  Would you join us in praying that way?

Harriet continues to have a lot of pain all the way down her right arm.  There are 22 staples closing the incision that goes all the way across the inside of her elbow.  I will spare you the pain of having to look at a picture of it.  She said that it hurt even more when they took the bandage off and she got a look at it.

I was so thankful that she was able to speak at the women’s Christmas luncheon and many of the ladies told me that she was a blessing to them. 


One thought on “P. S. = Pray Still / Pray Specifically

  1. We will pray just as you requested – that God can keep the blood flowing thru Harriet’s arm. Bless her heart.
    Glad she was able to speak at the Christmas luncheon. I guess she should be a blessing after all
    she’s been thru. Those ladies were probably awe
    struck if she told them much about herself at all.
    We pray your thumb heals up well tool Harold seems to be doing a little better since the Dr. doubled his medication, then doubled it again. The dosage was just too small for his condition.

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