Encouraging Surgeon’s visit

We had a very encouraging visit with Dr. Morris this afternoon.  He had the report from the radiologist with the results of the venous mapping done yesterday.  He said that there were a vein and an artery that he can use to do a fistula in either of her arms.  This is much preferred to the implanted grafts that Harriet has had from the beginning of her dialysis experience.  The two surgeons who had worked on her previously had never even discussed a fistula with us, and had indicated that this was not an option with Harriet.

Dr. Morris said that on the basis of the venous mapping report, he could create an AV fistula in either of Harriet’s arms but he will concentrate on her upper right arm. We will probably be scheduled for this surgery after Thanksgiving.  It will be an inpatient hospitilization.

Harriet’s grafts have been either an artificial ‘vein’ or an animal vein implanted in her arm.  These are always more susceptible to infection and usually do not last as long as a fistula. 

“An arteriovenous (AV) fistula is an abnormal passageway between an artery and a vein. . . .  An AV fistula may be created surgically to provide access for hemodialysis in people with end-stage kidney failure.” (from MayoClinic.com)

One thought on “Encouraging Surgeon’s visit

  1. Happy to hear that it will work out for her to have
    the operation after Thanksgiving. Maybe she
    will be able to enjoy the holidays a little better
    than if she was in the hospital. : )

    At any rate, Harold and I do hope that you have
    a wonderful Thanksgivng. We have so much
    to be thankful for – God is so good to us.

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