Venous Mapping complete

Harriet had ‘venous mapping’ of both arms and her neck today. IF the radiologist gets his report to the surgeon by tomorrow we will meet with him to determine if, where and when he will schedule the next surgery to implant a new access. Will know by tomorrow PM.

One thought on “Venous Mapping complete

  1. Just want to let you know that we are still praying!
    Those names bring back memories. Dr. Morris put
    Harold access in back in 1994. We met Dr. Minga
    at UAB when Harold was having problems after
    his transplant. Both good Drs. and that helps,
    doesn’t it? We will keep checking your blog in
    hopes of good news. Give Harriet our love and
    please tell her that we love her and are praying
    for her.

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