The Lord’s Day Nov. 14

Harriet slept most of the day today. Good to get the rest after 2 full weeks of difficulties. She’s never without pain, sometimes it has been more than others and these weeks have been hard on her. This week we will probably have to meet with the surgeon to schedule having a new access implanted. We’d appreciate you praying for wisdom for Dr. Minga (nephrologist) and Dr. Morris (surgeon). We are praying that they can put an access in her upper right arm but they’ll just have to determine that when they examine her.

Usually they will leave the permacath in for at least 6 weeks while the new access heals and “maturea” enough to use it. The concern with the permacath is the high risk of invection and since it goes directly into the heart, there is little room for risk.
The cellulitis in her right arm seems to be responding to the antibiotics and we are thankful for that! She still has lots of pain there but “I think it’s better” is still her attitude.
And we repeat GOD IS GOOD!