P. S. = New access in Harriet’s chest.

*Praise God, we got Harriet to the clinic instead of the hospital to have the permcath inserted.  The last 3 times they have had difficulty getting the IV inserted (stuck her 9 different times) and leaving Harriet’s arm very sore, swollen and discolored.   

*GOD answered by giving a gentle nurse who got the vein on the first try.  

* Harriet got a good chance to witness to the nurse (Katie) and to Dr. Bain! As they escorted her down the hall from me, she was talking to Katie about her Lord!

Ultrasound showed too much scar tissue in both Harriet’s carotid artery and jugular vein so they were unable to insert the permcath there as planned.  They finally were able to get it into an artery in her chest, below her clavicle. This will be used for her dialysis access until the surgeon can implant another access, either in her arm or leg.  

The arm with the old clotted access is infected with Cellulitis.  They began giving her a strong antibiotic by IV and will continued that for her next three dialysis treatments.

Praying she can get a good night’s rest and a good dialysis tomorrow morning!

Thank you for praying! 


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