P. S. Update Wednesday, Nov. 11

Harriet’s access clotted off again over the weekend so we had to go to the hospital on Monday morning to have a perm cath inserted into her neck as well as attempt to clean out the access.  They did open the access with a couple of new and bigger incisions with big ugly sutures holding it closed.  But the access does work so today she is back on her regular scheduled treatment.  VERY swollen and sore arm. 

As for the perm catheter? ? Once again the ‘miracle’ medical world proved and illustrated their infallibility.  Somehow the hospital did not get the message so no perm cath was inserted.  I think the problem is that it was written in plain English that even I could (and did) read.  Hopefully our doctor will be able to find out why they did not follow his instructions.  And we’ll find out if we need to go back and give them another try!