Thursday night

The clinic called and have Harriet scheduled for a repeat of the procedure to open the access in her arm.  We are so thankful that we can do this in the clinic and not at the hospital!  Harriet had rather take a beating than go back to the hospital -for ANYTHING.  And I agree with her.   Never had a good experience in those places.

When it is reopened we’ll call the dialysis clinic for a treatment. Pray that we can get that all done tomorrow without any complications.

Michael, Tom and Jacob came in this afternoon and we have really been enjoying them.  The girls and their kids start coming in tomorrow night.


One thought on “Thursday night

  1. We do pray with you that the blockage is easily removed so precious Harriet can have her dialysis treatment and be fully ready to enjoy the celebration
    with your family. How wonderful that your kids are
    doing this for you, their very special parents. We
    hope you have a wonderful time. If all goes as
    planned, I will be sending an email later.
    Love and prayers, Ruthie

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