P. S. = Pray Some more

There is no sound in the access arm that was just opened on Monday.  Should be a “whoosh” that they call a ‘thrill’.    Needless to say, it is NOT a thrill when we hear nothing.  We are on our way to the clinic for them to check it and tell us what to do next.  Re-do the clean out? Replace the access? We appreciate your prayers!  Will post the outcome here…

2 thoughts on “P. S. = Pray Some more

  1. Dun: I replied to your “P.S.” post earlier this week and it was returned to me, evidently rejected by your server. I’m sure sorry to hear that Harriet is still having this problem. Wondering if my e-mail went into your Junk mail? Will still be praying. Janice W.

  2. Thanks, Janice. I’ve been having nothing but problems since I got this computer “cleaned up”. But I did get the notification and we appreciate you praying.

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