Harriet has been feeling great and has enjoyed the return of some of her strength and stamina. We have been able to be even more involved in some exciting ministry opportunities. For so many years we were the recipients of gracious hospitality of our Lord’s people. They have opened their homes and hearts to us in so many ways and in so many places around this world, from the desert of Nevada, the mountains of British Colombia, “Down Under” in Australia to the beaches of Florida!

And now our Lord has given us the privilege of providing hospitality to some of His servants. We have greatly enjoyed several missionary families come and stay in our guest rooms and enjoy our beach. We have been blessed to be involved in ministries of our local church from serving meals at the Rescue Mission, teaching Bible studies and even serving on the mission’s committee.

And add to all of that the unspeakable joy that Harriet and I have in – well, just living together and serving our Lord together. I thought back in 1960 “that’s the girl I’d like to spend the rest of my life with!” And now 49 years later I marvel at the wisdom I showed in my youth! Yet even then, in my wildest imagination, I didn’t dream it could be so wonderful. Thank you, Lord!