Daddy had to "Make Some Arrangements"

One of the sayings which I remember best from my Daddy was “We’ll just have to make some arrangements”.  I never really understood it until I had my own family and had to try to stretch the income to meet the outgo.  When we had a need or a want in the family and not enough in Daddy’s pocket or checkbook to cover it, he would make those “arrangements.”  Now I realize that it meant borrowing from somewhere or moving some funds from savings to checking.  And knowing my Daddy’s frugal and wise business dealings, I’m sure it was the latter.  Like moving some of your money from one pocket to the other.

It seems that is just what our Heavenly Father does to meet the needs of his children.  He just moves some of His money from one of His pockets to another.  Now and then some of His money is in my pocket and a brother needs it in his.  Our Lord simply moves it from one of His pockets to another. 

And that is the way God cares for His missionaries.  He puts it on the heart of his listening child to write a check or give some cash to another one of His children. 

It is His money, His child, His pocket.  We are just the hand that He uses to change pockets.

Thank You, Lord, for “MAKING SOME ARRANGEMENTS” to care for Your family.