Ain’t God GOOD!

I know.  My old schoolteacher Grandma would correct me for saying “ain’t’ instead of “isn’t”.  And if she had to correct me too many times in one day- like 2 or 3 – she may even enforce it with a taste of soap.  (I still hate Ivory soap!)

But I can not get over the goodness of our loving Lord.  Harriet and I live in a cozy little one bedroom bungalow (that sounds classier than ‘tiny house’).  But the truth is that we are happier and more content than we have ever been in our married life. Oh, how many times I cried in my pillow in a remote jungle in South America -or on the fringe of the big desert in Africa -or a far-flung island of the South Pacific.  Homesick for my family and the companionship of my beloved wife!  I can vividly remember many of those exact locations.  And though it seemed like a million, none of  them were more than 12,000 miles from them. Literally half way around the globe.

I never dreamed that our God would give me the blessed privilege of spending almost 24/7 with the one beautiful woman I chose ‘way back when I first laid eyes on her.  And she is more fun and more special and more precious now than ever. 

So what can I say?  AIN’T GOD GOOD!