Harriet and I have had a most encouraging week.  She has felt better and had pretty good treatments at dialysis. 

On Tuesday we had the privilege of going with dear friends Bob and Lois to a missions conference at the Calvary Baptist Church in Ft. Walton Beach.  They were celebrating 50 years of faithfulness to our Lord. This church supported 249 missionaries and give 25% of their income to missions – over $2.4 million and still growing. 

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But the most exciting to us was fellowship with Fred and Barbara Findley who are fellow New Tribes Mission representatives.  After many years in Venezuela they now serve in Indiana.  Invite them to your church if you want a blessing! 

And then there were two saints who went out to the Venezuela almost 50 years ago.  Delora Neese served our Lord with her husband Cecil until his death just a few years ago.  Allie Lee Findley, Fred’s mother, and her husband were the first missionaries that Calvary Baptist began supporting in 1960!  Allie Lee’s husband was killed in a plane crash in Venezuela but she stayed on until she had to return to Alabama to care for her parents.

Two beautiful, sweet ladies, still loving our Lord and serving Him.