And the Cardiologist really said. . .

Harriet had her 6 months check up with Dr. Stokes yesterday.  Of course, his PA came in and did all the work (different gal from the one we saw 2 wks ago).  So when Doctor came in and looked over Harriet’s chart and the PAs’ notes he asked how she is feeling.  She replied “not as good as I’m going to feel when Florida State beats Miami this weekend!” 

So for the rest of the time those two talked football.  You Southerners know how we are about our football.  And now the rest of you might get the idea.  More important than heart attacks and doctor’s visits!

But he did do an echocardiogram and it looked good.  They seem to be of the opinion that she is about the same as last ECG over a year ago.  Hasn’t lost any function as we had feared.  The adjustments to the medications seem to be doing the job of helping her feel better and have a bit more energy.

BTW -Dr. Stokes did offer to let us go the game with him.  Said he’d bring along his emergency equipment so he could help her survive his Hurricanes beating the ‘Noles.

We declined . . . ROLL TIDE!   


5 thoughts on “And the Cardiologist really said. . .

  1. I love how GOD has been taking care of sweet Harriett and you too Dun!!! Take care of yourselves!!

  2. How wonderful that there was no loss of function. As you were talking football at that end Harold was laying on a bed in Southeast Med Cntr getting his solu medrol intravenously bragging about the Gators when his wonderful nurse reminded him that they lost to Auburn last year! Whoops. Oh, well we had fun. We are off to his eye Dr this a.m. to see what the med is doing etc. I imagine we will find out today whether Harold can drive anymore etc. etc. Appreciate your prayers. It is such a privilege to be able to hold each other up.

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