August 19 '09 

Harriet on dialysis with our friend and tech Donna

Love to celebrate anniversaries!  Like August 4, 1961 when I fell in love with Harriet on my parent’s front porch in Georgia; and August 15, 1971 when we left Alabama to begin training with NTM.  It was the last ‘salary’ we received as we joined a “faith mission” and began to see our Lord provide our financial needs thru invisible and often mysterious means.

But this week marks one of the most significant anniversaries in our life.  The date of Harriet’s “fatal heart attack” in 2001.  The doctors told us that she would not live to leave the hospital.  But the Great Physician’s diagnosis was a bit more encouraging.  The only fatality that week was Harriet’s kidneys!  Since then she has been on dialysis for which we praise and thank our Lord!

Celebrate with us by praising God with us!

(BTW – We’ll have another August anniversary to celebrate when we officially ‘retire’ from NTM at the end of this month. More on that later.)